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The Possibilities of Book Restoration

Shown in "Before & After" Photographs
of work done by Robert Muma





Robert Muma put together this photographic album of the most interesting and challenging book restoration projects that he undertook during his vocation as a hand bookbinder and restorationist.

The entire book is now on the website, here in this section.

The book was created by Robert Muma as shown by the sample page below (at the bottom of this page). However, I have chosen to scan only the photographs, and present the wording in standard text. This allows emphasis to be given to the photographs, so that the sometimes miraculous restorations may be viewed in detail. Unfortunately, it omits most of Robert Muma's artistic script from this presentation.

If you are new to the art and science of book restoration, please note that the objective normally isn't to make the book look like new. The objective is to repair the book in order to preserve it, as well as to ensure it is usable and attractive. Preservation of an old or rare book also usually means to preserve (or at least to not remove) some of the ageing that it has undergone over the years. This is, after all, part of its character and history.


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